Exam Procedure

The answer sheets will be sent to Centre Co- Ordinators one week before from NCFT H.O Things to be done by the Centre Co – Ordinator on the previous day of the Examination .

1. Arrange seats in rows of 3 Students

2. Each seat should be numbered, ensure that students of the same course do not sit next to each other

3. Write down the numbers clearly on the blackboard of the examination hall.

4. Ensure all basic amenities are available in the hall, like fan, drinking water, refreshing room etc.

5. Signboards showing the direction to the exam. hall to be displayed at different locations for the students convenience.

7. Each exam.hall should have an efficient and well qualified Supervisor with the approval of the Technical Director.

8. Use cloth bags to pack answer sheets.


Things to be done by the Centre Co – Ordinator on the Day of the exam.

1. Tie up NCFT banner at the entrance of the venue earlier in the morning.

2. Signboards showing the way to the hall to be put up in different places to guide the students .

3. Have the students seated 15 minutes before the commencement of the exam.

4. Issue the answer sheets 10 minutes before the commencement of the exam. .

5. Open the question paper packet brought by the Supervisor after getting the signature of a student on the packet

6. containing the question papers then a signature by the internal examiner (Centre Head) and Supervisor and 5 minutes before the commencement of the exam.

7. Issue the question papers to all students just at the time of the start of the exam.

8. The student”s attendance has to be checked and signature of the students to be obtained after 30 minutes of commencement of the exam. To be signed by both internal and Supervisor.

9. Supervisor will check the hall ticket and sign on the answer sheets..

10. Sound the school bell after every 30 minutes.

11. Every extra answersheet taken by the student should have his number,sr.no of the answer sheet and the signature of the supervisor.

12. Ask the students to tie up the answer sheets 5 minutes before the final bell and collect all answer sheets after the final bell.

13. After cross checking the answer sheet with the attendance,segregate them as per course,pack in cloth bags and seal the bag after sticking the packing slip signed by internal examiner and Supervisor.

Practical Examination Procedure

1. The answer sheets for practicals will be sent to the centres one week before the exam.

2. After evaluating the records and awarding marks keep the attendance of the students ready.

3. Keep the computer, (or) Fashion, (or) Beautician lab ready for practicals.

4. Keep the class rooms ready for the students to sit and write the answers.

5. Keep a chair for Supervisor, student and a table in a separate room to conduct Viva – Voce.

6. Stick the question paper to the answer sheet in such a way that the student is not able to see the question, and ask the student to take the answer sheet.

7. After writing down the answer, send the student for practical, and Viva – Voce.

8. The Centre Head should award internal marks based on the students Record marks ,Attendance. Internal test..

9. The answer sheets to be packed in cloth bags with the packing slip stuck on it and sealed and the sent to NCFT Heights.HO.